2-3 Day Jungle Tour

sumatra ketambe jungle tours

What we provide: Leech socks, mattresses, sleeping bags, tent, food and mineral water.


What to expect: Relaxed trekking in the beautiful forest, looking for wild animals (e.g., Orangutan, Thomas Leaf monkey, Gibbon monkey) and observing their natural behaviours – lucky for us you don’t have to venture too far from Ketambe as they live very close in the surrounding areas. Our experienced guides will search for wildlife and answer all your questions. Meanwhile our porters who are highly trained and responsible for carrying goods needed in the forest set up camp, prepare your sleeping area, and start preparing forest banquets! Please let us know if you would prefer an easy or more demanding pace, the trek can be customised to suit your ability and needs.


Day 1

  • You will be collected from your guesthouse at 9am and then we will trek in the jungle and observe the wildlife for 3 – 4 hours.
  • We will arrive at the beautiful riverside campsite at around 1pm. Here you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings or take a swim in the river whilst your porter prepares your lunch.
  • Once the hottest part of the day is over we will head out for more trekking and wildlife observation (2 – 3 hours). We will stay in the region surrounding your campsite, where you can store your rucksack giving you more freedom to explore.
  • We will return to the campsite for 5 – 6pm and your evening meal will be prepared for you by 7pm. In the evening, you will have time to swim or relax on your own, or if you prefer you can socialise and play games with your guide.


Day 2

  • Your breakfast will be prepared for you between 8 – 9am.
  • In the morning we will walk for 2 – 3 hours slowly going deeper into the forest. 
  • You will arrive at the campsite for night 2 by 1pm which is the world famous Ketambe Hot Springs!  The campsite is an idyllic location, where natural hot springs mix with the rushing streams of the Gurah river, creating a variety of pools of different temperatures to relax in. The volcanic minerals that crystallize when the hot water reaches the surface attract many butterflies, plus other forest animals in search of salt licks to replace their diet!
  • After lunch you will be taken on a 2 – 3 hour trek in the region surrounding the campsite (where you can store your rucksack). Climbing the hills and exploring valleys the guides will take you off the trails, blazing new paths which are rarely traversed by humans.
  • You will arrive back at the campsite by 5 – 6pm and while waiting for dinner you can soak and relax in the natural pools of the hot springs..


Day 3


  • Your breakfast will be prepared for you between 8 – 9am.
  • We will roam around the forest looking for wildlife and visit a beautiful waterfall (2 – 3 hours) and head back to the base camp at the hotspring for lunch.
  • In the afternoon we will spend 2 –  3 hours trekking back to your guesthouse. You will return feeling recharged and revitalized by the amazing Leuser ecosystem!