About Hasby Ketambe

sumatra ketambe jungle tours
sumatra ketambe jungle tours

My name is Muhammed Ali Hasby but my friends just call be Hasby.

I was born in Ketambe and have lived here all my life and am an elected traditional leader in Ketambe village.

I have worked as a guide in the jungles around Ketambe since 1996, before this, i gained a lot of experience as a porter.

My grandfather and his brother were the predecessors of the people who first discovered Ketambe which is now known as the Gunung Leuser National Park.
I learned a lot from my Father about the forest and wildlife because he used to work in conservation for a very responsible ranger. I also have 2 brothers who also work directly as forest adventure guides who are reliable, have a good track record that is flawless because our love for the forest, flora and fauna has been ingrained since ancient times.


I pride myself and my team for:

– Keeping the forest clean and never leaving trash in the forest because we always apply discipline and cleanliness to our porters and ourselves.
– My ability to safely locate wildlife: My years of experience in the jungle have given me the skills to locate animals from a distance and enable me to get close without disturbing the animals.
– High curiosity: I am a very enthusiastic and curious person, I am always learning and improving my skills and love to share my culture and to learn about yours.
– Ability to navigate without a map: Due to my knowledge of the forest it is easy to follow trails and sometimes make new paths to follow wildlife.
– Delicious local food: We cook fresh local food every meal. Making good cooking menus, innovating food to make it feel like you are at home. Quality of food is the pride of guests who enjoy the trip! Our team motto is guest satisfaction comes first.

* Knowledge of flora and fauna: My experience in working in the field of conservation gained additional knowledge and insight into the flora and fauna.
* Impeccable reputation: When I guide guests, satisfaction is always the main focus. Being honest, polite, humorous, responsible and fun are some of the reasons guests are satisfied.


sumatra ketambe jungle tours