Travel from Medan to Ketambe

Here are some ways to get to Ketambe from Medan

1. Banda Aceh to Kuta Cane by Airplane

Susi air Airline only serves flights from Blang Bintang airport in Banda Aceh to Alas Leuser airport in Kota Cane. Flighttime is only 2 times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays on Tuesday Banda Aceh to Kota Cane 11:00 – 12:30. Kota Cane to Banda Aceh 12:40 – 14-10. On Friday Banda Aceh to Kota Cane 08:00 – 09:30. Kota Cane to Banda Aceh 09:40 -11:10.

2. Road trip from Medan to Ketambe via Brastagi and Kutacane

You can go by road trip. Go from Medan to Ketambe by public transportation. You have to go in turns. It is possible to reach Ketambe within 8 to 10 hours, depending on connection and waiting time.


2.1 Medan Kualanamu Airport to Medan City

By Train

One of the most convenient and fastest ways to get to Medan from Kualanamu Airport is by train. This train connects Kualanamu Airport with Medan Main Train Station at Merdeka Square. The journey takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

By Bus

The most common and busiest transport is by DAMRI bus. DAMRI has two bus shelters in Medan City, one at Jalan Gatot Subroto next to Carrefour and the other at Amplas bus terminal. Buses go more frequent than trains. The bus fare is 15,000 IDR to/from Amplas and 20,000 IDR to/from Jalan Gatot Subroto.

By Taxi

This 35 km taxi journey takes about 60 to 90 minutes to reach Medan City, depending on traffic. Taxi fares must be negotiated and agreed upon before entering the taxi. Depends on your destination in Medan City and your bargaining skills.

From or to Ketambe by share taxi /private taxi

 From Medan Kualanamu airport to or from Ketambe about 7/8 hours drive. Taxi fare sharing IDR 350.000 one person.     Rent a private taxi IDR 1.100.000. From city of Medan to Ketambe the distance is about 7 hours drive. Taxi fare sharing one person IDR 300.000. Private taxi IDR 1.000.000

2.2 Medan City to Medan Padang Bulan

Padang Bulan is the name of an area that provides a lot of transportation. From here the bus goes to Berastagi. Minibus and shared taxi to Kutacane.
Along the road Jalan Jamin Ginting there are many different transportation hubs from different companies.

If you arrive from the airport by train or DAMRI bus its the best way to go by ‘becak’ to Padang Bulan. Even if you stay in a hotel, taking a becak is a nice experience to travel in the busy traffic of Medan. Don’t forget to negociate and agree about the price before start.
The most comfortable but most expensive option is to take a taxi. Please ask the price before you enter, because usually there is no any taxi meter available.

2.3 Medan Padang Bulan to Kutacane via Brastagi

You can go by minibus to Kutacane from Medan Padang Bulan. If you arrive at Padang Bulan from Medan city you will first pass the minibus station of BTN on the left side, about 500 m further is the station of Karsima. The service and the ticket price is equal at both companies. Its 70,000 IDR. In a minibus (see 2 pictures left side) there are 2 seats beside the driver and behind there are 3 rows with 3 seats each (together space for 11 passengers).Try to get a seat behind the driver for more leg space.

Minibusses leave when full or about every hour until late afternoon. In the morning they go more frequent. There are few night busses which start about 9 PM. The ride to Kutacane takes 7 hours. You can catch this minibus in Berastagi, if not full. From here it takes 5 hours to Kutacane. For this you have to wait at the main road in Berastagi near the busstation/ market to flag down the minibus. If you ask the staff in your guesthouse usually they can help.

2.4 Kutacane to Ketambe

The distance from Kutacane city to Ketambe is about 30 km. There are frequent mobil or Labi Labi (local transport – see picture), leaving from a small place near the old market. You can ask the minibus driver to drop you off at this place. Labi Labi start when full. The last transport will leave from Kutacane about 5:30 PM. Normal price is 15,000 IDR, but sometimes driver ask a little more from foreign tourists. The Labi Labi stops everywhere on the way to pick up or drop off passengers.